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All of Halinka's fairies display a sense of fluidity, grace and elegance. These fairies are truly works of art. Fairies are constructed using wire armature wrapped with yarn. They are clothed with carefully chosen fabrics, such as silks, lace and vintage evening dresses. This gives the figures a sense of scale and colour. Halinka embellishes the figures with hand-stitched beads, sequins and seed pearls. Each figure is then completed with a wonderfully expressive face. Halinka lives with her family in her self designed quirky and wonderful Brighton terraced home. A glittered staircase descends to her fairy workshop - the walls dance with sparkles, shimmery snippets, family heirlooms and vintage finds. Antique lace and ribbons crowd drawers awaiting quiet industrious transformation.Her original eye for colour and detail with her implicit understanding of movement breathes life into her fairy collections.